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Letter to VA Senators on Health-Care Bill

I sent the below letter to my new VA Senators yesterday to urge them to withdrawal their support from the bloated and obscured bill that will likely be up for vote tomorrow afternoon. Merry Christmas Virginian’s, your state senator’s cast a vote to show that they have done something for the reason that […]

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USA Incorporated – Our New Business Eilte

I read over a great WSJ article, Politicians Butt In at Bailed-Out GM, which demonstrates the problems with government intervening heavily in the decisions of businesses. A few quotes:

Thomas Geisel, chief executive of New Jersey’s Sun Bancorp Inc., says the bank paid back its federal money in June because of legislation that imposed […]

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Statism and Capitalism Where Confusions Arise

People often get social institutions confused, by confusing the role of markets, the role of government, and the role of private social institutions.


Capitalism typically refers to an economic and social system in which the means of production (also known as capital) are privately controlled; labor, goods and capital are traded in a market; profits […]

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Government Steps on Wireless Providers

I’m like most people who have complained in the past about my wireless provider, although I’ve been very happy with Verizon over the last few years. But my happiness and yours may diminish, as the Federal government might force wireless carriers to treat all web traffic the same, which means carriers couldn’t block […]

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Two Quotes on Government Intervention

Given the current traction government intervention is having in the media and among some groups sentiments (see Regulating Compensation, Administrating Health Care Plans, Sole Originator of Student Loans, etc.) I thought I would share two quotes on government intervention.

My interpretation is that for some reason it is believed that government officials, be it representatives, […]

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Yale Access Card Theories

I always thought highly of Yale students, local civilians, and administrators, simply because of their status as a great school, but I’m disappointed in some recent comments. Several news articles and radio reports have indicated that Yale administrators and local police think the murder could only be committed by a few individuals because […]

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Steelmakers and Tire Tariffs

I wrote in my Article titled, “US Steelmakers Support Green House Gas Legislation” on United Steelworkers supporting GHG legislation and assumed they were doing so to get more favorable treatment from the White House.

In fact the United Steelworkers couldn’t get any trade complaints passed through the Bush administration so their hoping for some traction […]

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Karaoke Slide Show

At some point in my life I hope to play “Random Karaoke slide show”. There is an open source program called SlideShare Karaoke Randomizer, where you type in a search term and the web-based program accesses numerous presentations tagged with that search term. You then can present a random presentation ad hoc. […]

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