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Steelmakers and Tire Tariffs

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I wrote in my Article titled, “US Steelmakers Support Green House Gas Legislation” on United Steelworkers supporting GHG legislation and assumed they were doing so to get more favorable treatment from the White House.
In fact …

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USA Incorporated – Our New Business Eilte


gm_government_motorsI read over a great WSJ article, Politicians Butt In at Bailed-Out GM, which demonstrates the problems with government intervening heavily in the decisions of businesses. A few quotes:

Thomas Geisel, chief executive of New Jersey’s Sun Bancorp Inc., says the bank paid back its federal money in June because of legislation that imposed limits on bankers’ pay, among other areas. “Lawmakers let emotion and ego get in the way of making good business decisions,” he says.

“I was elected to represent the interests of Montana, not General Motors, which is something that GM should have considered before letting the federal government assume control of their company,” Rep. Rehberg said recently.

The best way to repay taxpayers is to run the business as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible,” Mr. Socia wrote. “Uncompetitive supplier agreements do not support this priority.” [In response to Montana senators' insistence that GM source supplies from a Montana mine].

I am not sure how much of GM’s ‘decision’ to let the federal government assume control was ultimately GM’s decisions, but regardless they now do have control and it will be interesting to see how what will happen with GM. Hopefully we’ll continue to have some transparency around the whole issue, so that we can tell if the government is able to run GM well. But from the sounds of it the federal government pushing GM around to chose certain suppliers who are constituents or reinstate a constituent’s contract for a dealership is putting the odds in favor of those libertarians who think the government has no role in running a business.

Statism and Capitalism Where Confusions Arise

Socratic Debate

People often get social institutions confused, by confusing the role of markets, the role of government, and the role of private social institutions.
Capitalism typically refers to an economic and social system in which the means …

Government Steps on Wireless Providers

cell phone tower

I’m like most people who have complained in the past about my wireless provider, although I’ve been very happy with Verizon over the last few years. But my happiness and yours may diminish, as …

Two Quotes on Government Intervention


Given the current traction government intervention is having in the media and among some groups sentiments (see Regulating Compensation, Administrating Health Care Plans, Sole Originator of Student Loans, etc.) I thought I would share two …

Yale Access Card Theories

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Card Access

I always thought highly of Yale students, local civilians, and administrators, simply because of their status as a great school, but I’m disappointed in some recent comments. Several news articles and radio reports have …

Karaoke Slide Show


At some point in my life I hope to play “Random Karaoke slide show”. There is an open source program called SlideShare Karaoke Randomizer, where you type in a search term and the web-based …

GHG Science – Uncertainty and Bias


I have had a desire to get up to speed on GHG science and the actual debate about GHG’s affect on global warming for some time now. I recall a friend of mine in a …

What’s Wrong with Consumption Apparently Everything

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I came across this NY Times article which covered a video that is “about the effects of human consumption.” Well, more accurately it reflects the negatives of human consumption.

The video was created by Annie …

American Clean Energy and Security Act


Today the House will be voting on the American Clean Energy and Security Act (Waxman Markey Bill).
See my last post on my view of GHG legislation. This post is reserved to express …